Trade Match Copy Trading Platform Honest Review

Review Trade Match

Copy-trading has gained serious momentum in the past decade as it provides access to the complex world of the financial markets for those without experience in trading. 

The idea behind copy trading is simple - follow and copy the trading strategies developed by professional traders with years of experience in the field. Some copy trading platforms offer interaction between their participants, and therefore we called them social trading platforms. 

Still, the main idea is the same - facilitate the connection between investors and experienced traders, where the former can monitor, select, follow and copy the trading strategies of later, piggyback on their experience and knowledge. Traders, on the other side, earn remuneration each time their profitable trade is copied. 

This profile review takes an in-depth look at a Trade Match, a new generation copy trading platform that aims to match the investor's requirements with top-performing traders. We will take a look at the Trade Match's features and track the starting process for investors to establish how easy it is to join the platform. 

Trade Match Review - what makes it different?

Trade Match offers a new type of intuitive environment where from the start, users can enjoy simpler and straightforward navigation. The platform targets everyone who wants to invest in the financial market but yet has not succeeded to the lack of understanding and experience.

With Trade Match, they can benefit from features such as the ranking list, where they can monitor and compare the trading performance of the traders. 

Additionally, investors rely on bespoke risk management setting that enables them to effectively control the risk level on each trading strategy they copy individually. 

Trade Match Overview

Investors with all levels of experience can now explore the profit potential of the financial markets in an easy-to-navigate environment where they don't need to spend hours of their time to place orders or get their way around many technicalities. 

Trade Match comes with an intuitive interface, easy to get familiar with. Investors can monitor the trading strategies of top-performing traders select and copy the ones best matching their requirements in just a few clicks. 

Thus they can potentially start earning from day one. Traders, on the other side, earn a bonus each time their profitable trading strategy is copied, increasing the value of their trading experience. 

Trade Match Features

As mentioned, to select a trading strategy they wish to copy, investors monitor the Trade Match's ranking lists. Traders are evaluated based on the performance of their trading strategies. 

To support the decision-making process, the Trade Match verification team based their assessment on five different criteria - number of copies, best monthly performance, drawdown level, asset under management and risk level. 

According to how their trading strategies performed against these criteria, traders move up and down the rankings. To take a detailed look into each trader profile, investors simply click on the trader's name. 

The profile page includes additional information such as absolute gain, average monthly performance, maximum drawdown and trading since inception. 

Another beneficial feature is the Risk Management system. It enables investors to perform an effective control over how much of their deposit is exposed to risk with each trading strategy they decide to copy. The Risk Management system has three parameters. 

- Multiplier Index - determines what percentage of the trading strategy the investor will copy

- Take Profit - investors select a profit point where the trading on their account will stop allowing them to bank the appointed sum

- Stop Loss - investors choose how much of their capital they wish to risk on the selected trading strategy

Both the ranking lists and the risk management system aim to help investors make a balanced and informed decision on which trading strategy is best suited to their goals. 

How to start with Trade Match?

Starting with Trade Match is, in fact, a few steps-process. As an investor, you need first select a trading strategy to copy. Use the ranking lists to help you pinpoint the one matching your requirements. 

When you are ready with your choice, click the join button and complete the registration process. Open an investment account as you select funding and withdrawal method, as well as your preferred currency. 

Make your first deposit based on your selection. All you need to do now is add into your account the trading strategy you have chosen to copy. 

However, before doing that, make sure you adjust the risk level set according to your personal requirements. Keep in mind that even when a trading strategy is already added to your account, you can always adjust your risk level settings if needed. 

Once the trading strategy is added to your account, you don't need to do anything else, as the Trade Match copy trading platform will automatically place orders on your behalf based on the actions of the trader you copy. 

Naturally, you can monitor the performance of your account whenever you wish, as well as add and remove trading strategies.

To support your experience Trade Match offers ongoing customer support service via phone, email or online live chat. 


Trade Match strives to bring the complex world of trading to the doorstep of everyone who wishes to explore the profit potential of the financial markets. 

The platform offers a simple and efficient process of copy trading without too many technicalities. Thus, it creates an environment where investors and traders can benefit from their mutual collaboration. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this Trade Match review and that you got some value from it.